University of Maryland Predicts This Year Will Be the Worst for Stink Bugs

We just found this article in the Courier-Post out of Southern New Jersey.   Not only does the article say that we should expect billions of stink bugs this spring, it actually suggests that they will start mating later this month.   Our information is similar to the articles, except that we anticipate that the stink bugs will start mating in the spring, perhaps April or May.  If the weather stays warm the rest of the winter, perhaps they will come out sooner.   You may want to get some stink bug treatments in the spring to prevent as much mating as possible. 

I found it interesting that the person they chose to quote about how bad his stink bugs are happens to live right here in Frederick. 

The article says “In his 90-year-old farmhouse south of Frederick, Md., Doug Inkley is already under siege. He’s a biologist for the National Wildlife Federation, and he loves bugs.”  Poor Mr. Inkley has actually counted the number of stink bugs that he has vacuumed up inside his home, more than 12,000 since January.   According to the article the brown marmorated stink bug, plaguing this area, are at least one bug he does not like, or love for that matter. 

Brace yourself, the experts discussed in this article, say this year should be the worst.  “Michael Raupp, an entomologist at the University of Maryland who’s been studying the bugs, predicts this year will be the worst so far.” 

Here are some tips from the article:

How to kill stink bugs

You may be tempted to crush them, but you’ll be rewarded with an odor you won’t like. Instead:

– Vacuum them. This also will help kill stink bug eggs. But dispose of the vacuum bag, maybe dousing it with some insecticide as you set it in the trash can.

– Attract them. Use a wide-mouth can. Fill with an inch of water, sweet-scented dish soap, and a little cooking oil on top. Make sure that pets cannot lick this trap. The sweet smell lures the bugs; the oil smothers their discharge; the soapy water smothers them as they sink.

– Exterminate them with commercially available insecticides. But apply the chemicals outside. If you do so when they are in your walls, you could attract carpet beetles that feed on their carcasses and potentially your woolens.  (At Mosquito Squad, we use a product that kills the stink bugs as they land on the treated area for two to three weeks, and sometimes longer.  This product is only sold to certified applicators.). 

– Repel them. They don’t like the smell of garlic – if you can handle it.

– Block them. Caulk small openings and cracks in your house or elsewhere to keep them out of structures. Repair damaged screens.

Sources: Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences, city of Burkittsville, Md.


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